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Area 27 Inc. & how our industry has and is contiuning to grow:

Starting in 1998 with the Division seventeen initiative the communications industry took a ground up approach to improve the process of integrating communication systems and technology infrastructure into buildings during the design phase versus the construction phase as an after thought.

Support for this initiative grew throughout the US and Canada and has resulted in three new divisions, 25 integrated automation, 27 communications & 28 security these divisions were incorporated into the 2004 edition of the Master Format.  The Master Format is the guide that building architects and engineers use to determine what trade is responsible for a particular area of constriction.

The challenge now is for the communications and construction industries to work together efficiently on how best integrate communications systems into the designing and constructing phase of modern buildings.  Installing a modern communication system in a building today without proper planning would be like constructing a roof on a structure without any idea what's going to support it!  At best poor planning, and down right dangerous!  Both will crash & fail on you given time or stress on the system.

Area 27 Inc. Is dedicated to bring the best of modern communications systems to their clients and working "hand in hand" with other trades to integrate the latest Information Technology systems into new construction and remodeling projects.  

To help this process Area 27 Inc. is working with other leading organizations such as BICSI, NSCA, ICIA, SIA and CSI. Ensuring the feature growth of the communications industry.

Thank you

Area 27 Inc.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!